• Maja & Marko
  • Germàn & Eva
  • Boris & Chris




Classes_Thumbnail.jpgMaja Petrović & Marko Miljević started dancing Tango in Zagreb, Croatia in 2002 in a small group of enthusiasts curious about this “new” dance. Only five years later they began giving regular lessons at the Tango Argentino Zagreb Dance School. Their first and most influential teachers were Pablo Rodríguez and Noelia Hurtado. Later they continued to study with Noelia and Carlitos Espinoza. 

 In 2014 they started to work with Tango professionally, holding workshops and performing all over Europe. In 2015 they had their debut in North America at Bailongo Tango Festival in Montréal, Canada.





20883602_10155604278468399_1522302419_o.jpgGermán Cuestas started dancing when he was a teenager, and since then dedicated his life to music and Tango. He has a degree as a music school teacher and now uses this knowledge in his work as a Tango dancer. He also has been a Tango DJ for many years and is the organizer of El Motivo Tango (a Milonga in Villa Malcolm's club, Buenos Aires) and has taught in various Milongas and schools in Buenos Aires.Now he is based in Denmark, teaches and performs with Eva Lehrmann, around Europe, Russia and Argentina.

Eva Lehrman has been dancing different styles of dances most of her life, however it wasn’t until she met the Argentine Tango that she dedicated herself to dancing professionally. She travelled to Buenos Aires, where she soon started working in El Esquinazo, a newly opened Tango school, where she taught Tango and Yoga and there she also met Germàn. Today she mainly works in Copenhagen being an instructor, a DJ and a performer. She still spends a big part of her time in Buenos Aires, where she is part of a team who organizes Tango holidays.





Boris and Chris work to harmonize their distinct  and varied backgrounds of dance training,  biomechanics, and Tango to create their dance. The fundamental element of their Tango is 'el  abrazo' and the connection between two dancers. It enables them to communicate in an unspoken language, that unites you to your partner, your partner's body to yours.

They believe that even if two bodies are standing still in space, their embrace continues moving within and between them. In her experience of studying many other disciplines, Chris believes that this is what makes Tango so special, so unique and so rewarding, “alongside the technical details, the complexity of the steps and the music, in no other dance style have I experienced this sensation where dancers search for such a deep connection with their partner”. Using knowledge and understanding of the body, their teaching method focuses on how to use the bodies to create movement and then how to transmit and receive this information through the embrace. Alongside steps and techniques, they will give you tools, foundations, and concepts that can be applied within your entire Tango world to discover different ways of moving.