Pablo Marcelo Maidanik was born in Buenos Aires in May 1962 and from the cradle listened to Tango as both of his parents loved Tango music and dancing. He is a Tango-DJ with an international profile, moved to Barcelona in 2002 and has been participating in international festivals and Milongas in Buenos Aires, Spain, France and Italy for more than 7 years and is now the resident DJ and producer of the Milonga "Bien Pulenta" in Barcelona. He is also a Milonguero and the director of the publication "La Ruta del Tango" in Barcelona and the website

Pablo loves the music and the dance and with now more than 15 years milongueando in Europe has become an appreciated DJ in the Tango environment.




Germàn Cuestas studied music in BA and has a degree as a music teacher with orientation towards percussion. He started investigating Tango in his youth, which gave him a solid knowledge of music and how to transmit it to the dancers.




After being a passionate dancer for many years, traditional Tango music is one of her biggest loves. Veronica always tries to spoil the dancers with energetic and romantic sets, make them smile, feel relaxed and welcome.




As a traveler through the wonderland of Tango music, Vlado Vadlja is searching for the most beautiful pearls and will be very pleased to share them with you, making each tanda an unique and superb dancing adventure.


DJ Djurdjina


She loves wrist cutting kind of music, but she is sane enough to balance it with some good old orchestas de la Guardia Vieja.
P.S. Don’t even try. Her heart belongs to Troilo and Troilo only


DJ David


Tango energy can do miracles. When David plays music, he also dances with the emotion of the ronda. He builds a path to happiness and guides the dancers into this energetic experience.